How to Ride Again

How to get back on the Bike……


 1.  Lose Weight — 15-20 pounds makes a huge difference on the hills

1a  Nutra Systems worked for me — low Glycemic, high protein which bumps up metabolism and builds strong muscles

1b  Eat 6 times per day to keep from getting hungary & porking out 

1c Good: One slice of whole grain bread per day, 5 fruits & veggies, boiled egg, oatmeal, no-fat cheese and milk

1d  Bad: Rice, potatoes, deep fried food, processed foods like cookies, refined sugar, ice cream (the worst)

2.  Get good equipment that fits

2a  Take it to an expert who can fit you to your bike

2b  Get high quality tires but learn how to fix a flat — carry a spare tube

2c No WalMart Specials

3.  Ride, Ride, Ride

3a:  Don’t push your endurance level while you’re learning however

3b:  Learn in low traffic areas like quiet country roads or military installations

3c: Safety:

3c(1) Helmet but never headphones or anything that would keep you from hearing traffic 

3c(2) Riding against traffic #1 reason for cyclist-caused accidents

3c(3) Ride so that you will be seen, especially at intersections

4 Expect set backs and be determined to over come them

4a Equipment

4b Sore muscles

4c Weather

4d Develop alternative training plan for winter 

Click for a brief article that provides Great Food-for-Thought on how to fit a Bike to your Body.

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